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This painting was selected for the publi
Woman Vote Woman oil and gold leaf on ca

Compare & Contrast

Asheville Showing - May, 2019

Strickland Center Art Gallery

Forsyth Technical Community College, Winston-Salem, NC

in collaboration with Alvin C. Jacobs, Jr.

March 16 - April 16, 2018


OK/NOT OK is an expandable piece consisting of ten images ranging from vegetable to animal to human.  The viewer is invited to participate in the work by casting votes (tokens) as to the permissibillity, under any circumstances, of taking the life of the subject matter in any of the ten images.  The similarity between the art work and a game ends with the fact that there is no winner or loser.

Both Alvin and I are very happy with the Forsyth Tech exhibit. These are a few images from the show.

The reception and gallery talk went well and were well attended. I have not spoken to so many very engaged young people in quite a while. There were some oldsters in attendance also and I so appreciate the support. The questions were very relevant and timely. You could just feel the engagement. We called the exhibit Compare and Contrast, and when you hear Alvin and I speak together, you understand why. Our differing perspectives, black/white, male/female, young/old, are reflected in our world views but we are both concerned with social justice and a healthy world for all.

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